Goodbye, Tomorrow

"Goodbye, Tomorrow" is a concept that explores what happens to us after we die.

The film's premise is that we are assigned an imaginary friend based on how we died and what our assigned person needs us for.

This scheme has been running smoothly for many years without mortals knowing that their imaginary friends are actually deceased loved ones.

The film centers on the relationship between Lucy (played by Gemma Minuz) and Mike (played by Michael Cookson), who are assigned to each other as imaginary friends.

Despite their different states of existence, they fall in love. However, the hardest part of having an imaginary friend is letting go – especially when it means never being with them again.

The question at the heart of the film is whether it's possible for a real person and an imaginary one to have a long-term relationship.

Can they find a way to be together, even though one is imaginary and the other is not? Can their love transcend the boundaries of reality? These are the questions the film seeks to answer.

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