Any Questions For Ben? (2012)

Any Questions for Ben? is an enjoyable film that offers a refreshing change from the typical Australian film.

Instead of depicting the hardships of life in the outback or relying on Australian stereotypes, the film showcases the diverse and modern aspects of Australian culture.

The acting is strong, with the international script allowing the characters to flourish, and the editing is well done, with the exception of the overuse of text on-screen title cards in the first act.

One of the main issues with the film is its focus on an Australian audience.

While this may have been a requirement for securing funding, it ultimately limits the film's appeal to international audiences.

As an Australian viewer, I recognised many of the actors from Australian television, but an international audience may not have the same familiarity.

Additionally, the film's references to Melbourne and New Zealand may not resonate with viewers from other countries.

Despite this limitation, Any Questions for Ben? is still a fun and entertaining film that is worth seeing.

The beautifully shot scenes, which capture the summer days in Melbourne, are a highlight, and the film is sure to be a hit with Australian audiences.

However, it could have reached a wider audience with a more inclusive approach.

Overall, it's a good example of the potential of the Australian film industry, but there is room for improvement in terms of appealing to international audiences.

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