Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011)

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a deeply disappointing film that fails to live up to the promise of its source material.

Based on the novel by Jonathon Foer, the film follows Oskar Schell (played by Thomas Horn) on his journey to uncover a mystery left for him by his father.

However, the film is plagued by a number of flaws that ultimately hinder its impact and make it a forgettable viewing experience.

One of the biggest issues with the film is its heavy-handed use of a twist ending.

Throughout the film, the audience is led to believe that Oskar is searching for a specific clue left for him by his father, but in the end it is revealed that this was not the case.

This twist is telegraphed throughout the film and ultimately falls flat, leaving the audience feeling cheated and frustrated.

Another major problem with the film is its confusing and difficult-to-interpret scenes. Given Oskar's condition, it is understandable that some scenes may be difficult to understand, but the film fails to provide enough context or clarity to make these scenes meaningful or engaging.

This is particularly frustrating given the visual nature of cinema and the fact that the audience is not meant to have to fill in the gaps or make assumptions about what is happening on screen.

The film's use of 9/11 as a plot device also feels cheap and unnecessary.

While the tragic event serves as a backdrop for the story, it adds little to the overall narrative and feels like a lazy and exploitative attempt to inject emotional weight into the film.

Despite these flaws, the film does have some strong elements, including a strong performance by Sandra Bullock as Oskar's mother, Linda Schell.

However, these elements are not enough to save the film from its many shortcomings. In the end, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a forgettable film that is best avoided.

Fans of the novel may want to check it out on DVD or Blu-ray, but for everyone else it is likely to be a waste of time.

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