Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

Martha Marcy May Marlene (MMMM) is a deeply unsettling and thought-provoking film that offers a unique and disturbing look into the mind of a mentally fractured young woman.

Written and directed by Sean Durkin, the film follows the story of Martha (played by Elizabeth Olsen), who escapes from a cult and seeks refuge with her sister Lucy (played by Sarah Paulson).

Durkin's masterful manipulation of time and space throughout the film effectively showcases Martha's psychosis, leaving the audience feeling just as disoriented and confused as she is.

The film begins with Martha's escape from the cult and her journey to seek help from her sister.

From there, it takes us on a strange and unsettling journey into Martha's psyche, as she struggles to come to terms with her past experiences and the effects they have had on her mental state.

Durkin's use of flashbacks to show Martha's time in the cult is particularly effective, as it provides a visual representation of her distorted memories and allows the audience to see the events unfolding in the same way that Martha experiences them.

Throughout the film, Durkin's editing and writing leaves us questioning what is real and what is imagined, as it becomes increasingly clear that Martha's memories are not always reliable.

This ambiguity adds to the film's unsettling atmosphere and helps to deepen our understanding of Martha's complex character.

Elizabeth Olsen's performance as Martha is nothing short of remarkable. She deftly portrays the character's paranoia and anxiety with a quiet restraint that is both captivating and disturbing.

Her performance has received much acclaim and is sure to establish her as a serious contender among Hollywood's young actresses.

In many ways, MMMM is reminiscent of David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, in that repeated viewings are likely to provide greater clarity and understanding of the main character and her circumstances.

The film's ambiguous ending is sure to provoke a strong response from viewers, but it also serves to further characterise the complex and troubled Martha.

Overall, Martha Marcy May Marlene is a beautifully crafted and deeply disturbing film that will leave audiences feeling both shaken and mesmerised.

Its unique blend of psychological thriller and horror elements is sure to turn heads and leave audiences craving further viewings to fully grasp the depths of Martha's psychosis.

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