Rotunda in the West

This was doing some work for Channel 31 (a community television station in Melbourne) who were broadcasting some short stories by recognised authors at a university.

Though I didn’t get to edit the video working on Our Say: Dream Larger Response Panel and Our Say: Geelong Mayor I was given the opportunity to create the DVD slick.

I must admit, I really enjoy a good, well designed DVD slick. Especially multi part series, or sequels, or anything that you can tell that the DVDs all are made to line up, match, and it look as if the designer has definitely put some thought into them.

Check out these spines:

Even religion got that spine design taste!
Even religion got that spine design taste!

But check out these (major catastrophe) spines:

Like they couldn't just keep to the plan!

I find it annoying to constantly find DVD spines going up and down, reordering objects, and not keeping consistent. I believe that though you are making the film or content itself to be the best it can be, the DVD slick too is important in the branding of that project.

Below you will see the videos which were contained in the DVD, and you can see that the slick is an addition to the footage, not it’s own design. I created this to compliment the content, not to “make it my own” which I see is constantly happening. A good design, like a good VFX shot is hidden, and not distracting to the viewer. That is where designing slicks should be.

For those who want to watch what Rotunda in the West is all about here are the videos:

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