A Tale of Two

This is a project that I directed for the Melbourne 48 Film Hour Project back in October 2013.

The planning of this project was pretty full on, considering all involved had never created something of this calibre in 48 hours (we have done less than 48 hour turn arounds, but not this precision).

The event began on October the 11th, with Hieu Chau writing a script based on the three necessary items: Sally Dawkins the photographer, a brick, and the line "there's another way to do it you know".

By 3am on the 12th, Hieu had a script ready to shoot and production manager Felicia Jong had cast and crew prepped for the shoot.

We filmed all day 12th under a wonderful sun, then ran the rushes off for editing.

Overall it was a great experience, and something worth doing if you ever have 3 days to spare!

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