Beta Bar Kickstarter

This was a project that came out of two bright minds who were looking to break into the bar/video game industry after their place of employment (which used to be exactly that) closed their doors, but had closed their minds a lot earlier.

This was quite fun to record and put together. The space was confined, and yet so much detail in the background. It was the first time I really got to use the Sony 18-200mm stock lens as I needed that in-between of 16mm and 50mm to capture the entire space.

We also used a Canon DSLR for some of the side shots, but the real enjoyment of this came from the slow motion 120fps.

The Sony FS100 has the S&Q mode that allows you to do burst of 3 seconds at a high frame rate (one of the first video cameras in the prosumer market to do so). The problem I found through forums, and experimenting is that the quality degrades dramatically.

It sets a fixed shutter speed, and thus causing the lighting of the shot to be changed drastically. Having a little bit of time to play around we got to actually light it well and use some of the shots. Mixed in with 60fps, some of the shots look pretty cool.

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