Warm Bodies (2013)

I liked this film. Hands down it is a film everybody should watch. Not because it displays amazing chemistry, or portrayal but because it is an amalgamation of many films over the times and how shifting the paradigm creates a wonderful new idea.

Honestly, that is film at it's infant form. Taking something old, reimagine it, and make people love or hate it. We can see this with reboots, and the beloved Avatar which is realistically Pocahontas. But I'm not here to argue about Avatar.

I'm here to tell you that this is a great film if you want to genuinely want to have fun.

At it's essence, Warm Bodies is Romeo and Juliet (read: R and Julie) in a post-apocolyptic landscape (yeah didn't think of that Baz!).

Better yet, it's funny – not Shaun of the Dead funny, but funny enough to make you congratulate yourself for actually watching it.

This is a light film. If you're looking for gore, extreme fighting, and many heads blown off you might want to find something else. Warm Bodies is very much the opposite. A lot of driving, running, and reminiscing.

It's nice to have a perspective of a zombie who has a reason to eat brains. Rather than just to be a source of food for a zombie, eating the brain of a victim stops that person transforming into a zombie – something lead zombie R (played by Nicholas Hoult) tells us is fairly uneventful.

Not only that but eating the brain of a person with a beating heart allows the zombie to relive that person's memories.

Actually, that's possibly the entire premise of the film. Being the guy that the girl, Julie (played by Teresa Palmer) deserves.

See, she was in a relationship which was comfortable but not fulfilling. R realised this and besides being taken by her looks, actually showed her a good time despite being the enemy.

They do love music though. And for this time I'm happy there is music that proves its worth to being in the story. Too many times we find commercial pop music that is used so audience's ears perk and attention is reconnected for a short span.

I'm a huge fan of original scores – Hans Zimmer is my man! Yet there are times when a film comes along with a great soundtrack and makes me think, "this neither adds or detracts from the film." I feel the need for records were a little far reached, and CDs would have sufficed – but I'm nitpicking.

Did I poo myself?

I did have issues with the film despite all my praise. I think it developed way to quick. From the time of the capture I was thinking there wasn't even a struggle.

Julie just accepted it as if all that training hadn't triggered any defence ideas.

Anyway, continuing this getting to the cabin it seemed a little more promising.

An attempt to escape, a kidnapping, and then BAM friends. WHAT?! I understand this is a romance film, I acknowledged it above but it could have held so much more with more layers.

Or at least more developed layers.

What I'm saying is an attempted kiss but draw back because he is a zombie or because she's human – the acceptance that neither can have each other – not the theme of relationships that are awkward teenagers. Not sure if they should say something or recite some line from a film.

Leonardo DiCaprio isn't the only one to wipe blood on others

I digress, the chemistry could have been better. But more annoying than that was the speed of depreciation that the zombies into took to become human.

The ability to begin speaking full sentences when one scene earlier you could barely string two syllables together. It's like Levine thought it was alright to just body everyone in zombie suits yet keep the inner character human.

Ultimately, the film needed to flesh out (pun intended) the layers between characters. Conflicts needed to be ramped up, and overall believability needed to increase.

Would have liked to seen more of you Analeigh Tipton!

I did enjoy the fact R is self-aware in his narration, commenting on himself for staring at people, his bad conversation he and his best zombie friend have and, how slow zombies walk.

His narration provides us with something to like him with, and understand beyond all the moaning and groaning that makes a great zombie.

Yet in saying all this, I think you should definitely watch this Romeo and Juliet, reimagined film.

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