Albinar 420-800mm Lens f8.3-16

This lens isn't a solo purchase. What the sellers won't tell you is that you definitely, highly recommended (unless you want to break your camera mount), need a tripod.

This lens is good, but not perfect. But if you are expecting a $10,000 lens for this item, then prepared to be disappointed.

It is also cheap - and for a reason - but still can provide some really nice images if used right.

Comparing this lens to any of the more expensive lenses you'll quickly learn that it takes a little effort to get used to the controls as everything is manual.

My version came with a T2 screw mount to NEX E-mount adapter, and I've seen this is the case with all other mounts too. The adapter is a dumb adapter, but then again, the lens isn't electronic so having a smart adapter will do nothing.

The optics are not fine, or precise, but for the value to the product, it is highly sufficient.

On my Sony FS100, I had to crank the gain to +32dB to get a nice image, while also had to try a few times where the daylight was actually strong.

One of the hardest things to figure out is getting an image on your viewfinder.

I honestly thought that whatever I had purchased was broken as I could never get an image, only faint light streaks (which were cool but not the intention).

Eventually you learn that you must first master the focus ring, and start zoomed out.

Secondly, the jump from what my longest lens (being a Minolta 135mm f2.8) to the minimum of this lens (420mm f8.3) is vastly different, and finding an image immediately was not what should be expected.

Here are some handy tips to help you use this lens:

  1. Start the recording with a trigger. Pushing the button on my camera made the entire lens wobble, and at times move off target since its super zoom.
  2. Use a tripod. The zoom on the lens makes the slightest bump or swing amplified beyond belief. It also helps with getting a clearer picture compared to using it handheld.
  3. Use an external monitor if you can to get a larger picture. This will immensely help your focusing, and exposure.

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